ERM Power – Australia’s 4th Largest Electricity Retailer


Founded by Trevor St Baker in 1980, ERM Power is an Australian energy company that operates electricity sales and electricity generation businesses.

ERM Power started life as an energy consulting business, but quickly evolved into a gas power station developer and operator and ultimately into an electricity retailer to access long term markets for its in-house power generation.
Today, ERM is a listed company on the Australian stock exchange (ASX:EMW). It has recently become the largest supplier to the commercial electricity sector and has also expanded its reach to the USA where it is rapidly growing a loyal retail customer base.

ERM has a reputation for superior customer service focused on helping businesses understand and manage their energy usage. In 2016, ERM purchased GreeneSense (an energy data analytics company) and Lumiled (a lighting installation company) in order to offer its customers an even wider range of energy services.