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Kortek has developed breakthrough technology for a suite of digital control devices that help electricity customers monitor, manage and control their power consumption and electrical maintenance programs.

At the heart of the product suite is a robust, low cost combination of a smart meter stack, data storage, on-board analytics, control relay and communications devices.

The devices communicate via the Internet of Things (IoT) and customers have a choice of accessing raw data locally, from the highly secure web-based Kortek data warehouse, or a full suite of on-line analysed energy information. Naturally, customers have remote access and control via a selection of devices such as a convenient smart phone app.


Our Investment

The Fund has a longstanding collaboration with Kortek Industries and supported the management team with capital, energy industry expertise and strategic input to build a foundation of success and direction for the future.


Kortek deviceWhat Makes Kortek Special?

Kortek has a unique product suite that has significant advantages over their nearest competitors. They are innovative leaders in sophisticated connected products and communication ecosystems that automate, control and analyse energy in household, commercial and industrial environments.

Cloud services can be added to Kortek’s basic consumer access device to significantly enhance user interaction.  By adding this platform, it creates flexibility to suit the user’s needs and budget which in turn creates potential opportunities for the product suppliers.


Kortek’s smart energy platform includes a range of sophisticated and highly cost effective access devices.  With the added advantage of Kortek’s engineering capabilities, they have developed integrated systems with vertical applications in intelligent controls, building and home automation, light, industrial and smart energy.


Delivering Outcomes

Kortek has the turnkey engineering, manufacturing and unique technologies to assist their customers to establish a clear competitive advantage.  The potential worldwide market for Kortek products (via electricity retailers) is estimated in the billions of dollars.  The product line includes industrial timers, intelligent controllers, shadow meters and smart meter in-home displays.  Kortek’s first production output aimed to be available to electricity retailers and electrical parts distributors via a B2B model in early 2017.   The Fund is excited to report that the Kortek Smart Timer is ready for market.

Get in Touch

Whether you are an investor, potential customer or partner, we would be delighted to hear from you.  Kortek Industries are interested in working collaboratively with industry, commercial, military and consumer markets to deliver ground-breaking smart energy solutions.

Visit the Kortek website or Contact Us to express your interest.