Nth Degree – Manufacturing Flexible Printed Light


Nth Degree Technologies LogoNth Degree Technologies is a USA based company that has developed unique, innovative (and patented) printing techniques, which redefine manufacturing costs for everyday electronics products. Their first product to market is printed light, which consists of micro LEDs, that are just visible to the eye, printed onto a flexible plastic substrate. The lighting strips are virtually indestructible – they can be shot at, nailed through and driven over – and will continue to work.


What Makes Nth Degree Special?

Nth Degree has developed a process to print the world’s thinnest and most flexible LED light.  The product is lightweight, thin and flexible with low glare using a spread out light source that is volumetric.  It has a very low operating temperature, is cool to the touch and no heat sink is needed.  It is non-toxic, safe for the environment and is recyclable.

Product applications for Nth-Light® are limited only by one’s imagination.  Some early applications include grid lighting for offices, portable industrial lights, skin care and health products, fishing lures, shelf and refrigeration lighting, automotive lighting and creating advertising.

Nth Degree’s business model is to focus on the manufacture of lighting substrate and enable sales channel partners to fabricate the substrate into consumer lighting products.


Nth Light 2 spoolDelivering Outcomes

The StBEIF has supported Nth Degree’s vision not only as an investor but also by being an active board member, co-strategist and business mentor to assist them through the development phase and enable the commercial viability of Nth-Light® and associated printed products.

Nth Degree is about to commence volume manufacture of the printed light strips and light shapes for skin care and health products.



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Whether you are an investor, potential customer or partner, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Nth Degree Technologies are interested in discussing how Nth-Light® can be integrated into commercial products and are preparing to enter manufacturing phase with several producers of health products, commercial refrigeration suppliers and lighting manufacturers.

Visit the Nth Degree website or Contact Us to express your interest.