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Southern Cross Printed Electronics is a Sydney based developer and fabricator of innovative lighting products. Under the brand ‘Phosfect’, Southern Cross sells grid lights for office ceiling grid systems, strip lights for retail shelving and other applications, refrigeration lighting and portable industrial lights.

Over more than eight years, Phosfect have worked with research groups, lighting engineers and quality suppliers of lighting and associated technologies to bring a suite of exciting and innovative products to the commercial and domestic market.


The Phosfect product range includes:

  • Portable Industrial Light – a versatile, durable, energy efficient, portable work light.
  • Magnetic Light – a thin, flexible magnetic backed mini LED light strip encapsulated in a transparent water proof polymer.
  • Mini Strip Light – a touch-less LED lighting unit.  Powered by a range of SELV systems.
  • Phosbox – a control system which allows the user to program LED’s to exhibit multiple lighting sequences.
  • Strip Light – the latest in ultra-bright LED technology designed for commercial and domestic use.

Phosfect PIL pack

Our Investment

Together with the Fund, the team at Phosfect have been influential leaders in the various collaboration groups to develop these new technologies.

The Fund has worked closely with the Southern Cross executive team and have provided financial and strategic management expertise to support them through the development process.  The Fund has facilitated collaboration between portfolio companies to each the objectives and development goals in order to bring these products to market.


What Makes Phosfect Special?

Southern Cross has secured its business model with a suite of product patents and both regional and international licence agreements for Nth-Light® substrate supply and end use lighting products.


Future Growth, Innovation and Market Opportunity

New Products for Phosfect – currently under development is a range of lighted sporting applications such as interactive targets and accuracy targets.

Southern Cross and the Phosfect brand are well positioned to ride the wave of next generation lighting.


Get in Touch

Whether you are an investor, potential customer or partner, we would be delighted to hear from you.  Phosfect Light Technology are interested in discussing how their range of lighting systems can be integrated into commercial and domestic products.

Visit the Phosfect website or Contact Us to express your interest.


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