Printed Energy – Printing Thin Flexible Batteries to Power an Innovative Future


Printed Energy is an Australian company established to develop breakthrough manufacturing techniques for printing batteries and photovoltaics (PV).  We have a portfolio of innovative patented technologies and we are focussed on bringing these technologies to market as quickly as possible.

Printed Energy’s research team and laboratory in Arizona USA are well supported by a collaboration arrangement with two of Australia’s leading Universities in the field of energy storage and materials science.

It is expected that printing will enable a quantum reduction in manufacturing costs. Flexible substrates allow for completely new applications for energy storage and power generation. Printed Energy hopes to be able to bond printed PV substrates directly to roofing materials, resulting in a massive reduction in balance of system components and costs.


What Makes Printed Energy Special?

Printed Energy is developing a unique set of new battery chemistries that are suited to manufacture using traditional roll-to-roll printing techniques.

Printed Energy is printing solid state batteries in a thin, flexible format that can be adapted to almost any shape.

The Printed Energy team has decades of experience with batteries, PV and printed electronics.  They bring together an exceptional combination of expertise in the development and manufacturing of printed primary and secondary batteries.


Future Growth, Innovation and Market Opportunity

Printed Energy’s focus is to bring the first truly printed batteries to market by 2019.  In addition, the team’s continual focus is on identifying new research and product development possibilities for the printed energy sector.

By developing a whole new generation of PV that are able to be produced in mass print runs, Printed Energy’s expertise can benefit organisations and consumers with a more economical, safe and portable product.

Applications for Printed Energy’s printed PV and batteries include:

  • Powering disposable healthcare devices
  • Active RFID tags
  • Wearable electronics and personal lighting
  • IoT devices
  • Building integrated energy storage
  • Integrated PV/battery panels to address solar intermittency

Get in Touch

Whether you are an investor, potential customer or partner, we would be delighted to hear from you.  Printed Energy are interested in discussing product development possibilities for the printed energy sector.

Visit the Printed Energy website or Contact Us to express your interest.