Tritium – World Leading Electric Vehicle Fast Chargers



Tritium is a Brisbane based developer and manufacturer of fast chargers for electric vehicles. The company is well known globally for developing high quality power electronics and battery management systems with their technology operating on all continents in many of the most extreme conditions on earth. Tritium is an emerging leader in a rapidly growing international market.

Our Investment

The StBEIF’s first investment in Tritium was in April 2013, and since then we have invested over $6.2 million across various equity and convertible loan note funding rounds and provided continual strategic support, guidance and mentoring.

What Makes Tritium Special?

With their key markets being Europe and the US, Tritium have captured about 8% of a rapidly growing global market for EV fast chargers, all within 18 months from their base in Brisbane. Much of this success is due to the popularity of their flagship product, the 50kW Veefil.

The Tritium Veefil 50kW unit is the only liquid-cooled fast charger on the market today – which makes it more robust and reliable than other fast chargers over a wider range of environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity and corrosive conditions. A thin polycarbonate and aluminium construction ensures long-term stability of the entire enclosure, all of which leads to lower installation and maintenance costs. The 50kW Veefil has UL, CE and RCM compliance.

Future Growth, Innovation & Market Opportunity

  • New Products – a new modular design will soon extend the product range from 12.5kW through to 150kW, with high powered charging products (300kW +) also being due out later in 2017. All due in time for the explosive growth anticipated in the sector globally.
  • New Global Locations – Tritium have recently opened a sales, support and assembly office in Torrance California, and will soon be opening a similar facility in the Netherlands in order to service their European customers more efficiently.
  • Platform & Data – Tritium (and their customers) can currently access, monitor and manage all installed chargers remotely. This provides performance, diagnostic control and usage data. This platform is being significantly extended to enable customer ordering and support, sub-network & customer management, payment processing and other innovative concepts which anticipate the future direction of the ‘mobile energy’ market.
  • Driver of Renewable Energy Usage – Greater EV penetration will drive higher renewable energy usage by matching usage with generation (night time wind), encouraging solar storage and the mobility of methane fuelled energy.
  • Mobile Energy – Tritium’s bi-directional home charger combined with the public charging network and an EV enables home usage of EV stored power and unlimited energy retail points for energy purchase.

Delivering Outcomes

Awards Tritium Has WonAs an investor, active board member, mentor and hands on consultant, the StBEIF has been a driver of the company’s success over the last 4 years. We have guided the company from product development through commercialisation and manufacturing set-up to now have over 650 units installed in over 17 countries.

Get in Touch

Whether you are an investor, potential customer or partner, we would be delighted to hear from you. Tritium’s main customers are EV fast-charge network operators, utilities, electric vehicle manufacturers and retail chains who are installing on site EV charging infrastructure to increase retail customer traffic in their stores.

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