Reshaping the way People Interact with Energy

St Baker Energy Innovation Fund is an active investor in a portfolio of early stage companies that are developing disruptive products in the clean energy sector.

The Fund invests in transformative companies across the energy sector from generation to consumption, including innovations that enable entirely new products, performance improvements of existing products, increased efficiency and more sustainable processes.

The Fund’s Competitive Advantage

The Fund delivers high investment returns demonstrated by a proven track record. The fund’s ability to select successful investments is driven by its capacity to:

  • Identify superior market opportunities based on the team’s industry foresight;
  • Source and gain access to opportunities otherwise unavailable to investors outside the industry;
  • Develop innovative products and business models to advance and re-shape the energy industry; and
  • Obtain preferable investment allocations in existing investee companies.

Hands on Support

The Fund partners with each investee company by supporting the leadership team with much more than just capital:

  • Product development and commercialisation experience;
  • Energy industry insights and extensive energy industry network;
  • Vision and strategy;
  • Access to emerging technology markets; and
  • Management mentoring, board representation and governance.

Portfolio Companies

Energy Sales Innovation

Energy Sales Innovation is a lean sales entity that sells the low-GWP alltemp® refrigerant and the Linagard® ballistics fire retardant rubber across Australia.


CareWear has developed the world’s first method of printing wearable light patches for athletic recovery and pain relief via non-drug technology.

Evie Networks

Fast Cities is building a national ultra-fast electric vehicle charging network in order to catalyse the adoption of clean and efficient transportation in Australia.


Tritium is a globally renown developer and manufacturer of world leading electric vehicle fast chargers, power electronics and infrastructure management systems.

Kortek Industries

Kortek has developed breakthrough technology that help electricity customers monitor, manage and control their power consumption and electrical maintenance programs.

ERM Power

Founded by Trevor St Baker in 1980, ERM Power is Australia’s 4th largest energy company that operates electricity sales and electricity generation businesses.

Printed Energy

Printed Energy is developing technologies for printed batteries and printed photovoltaics which will solve the world’s energy storage issues. Flexible batteries via cost efficient manufacturing.

Investment Strategy

A clear investment strategy is the foundation of St Baker Energy Innovation Fund. Investment returns are driven by formulating a clear strategy and forward-thinking objectives enabling sustainable value creation.
The Fund has a vision to innovate and disrupt the energy industry with major energy efficiency gains and lower cost delivery of energy outcomes and has assembled a portfolio of impressive companies that are delivering on the vision.

St Baker Energy Innovation Fund targets companies with the following characteristics:

  • Early stage companies that have a clear plan to become profitable within two to three years;
  • Control or significant influence can be obtained through equity investment;
  • Prospects of an exit opportunity within five years;
  • Companies that require capital to grow sales of market proven technology/services; and
  • Competent management with a successful track record within the industry.

The aim for the Fund’s investments is to achieve clean energy or energy efficiency delivered in the most commercially cost effective way.  Through our investments, the Fund will encourage Australian job creation utilising highly skilled specialists and will support portfolio companies to reach a sustainable export market for their products and services.

The St Baker Energy Innovation Fund is focused on opportunities in the clean energy market. Along with traditional energy business models, the Fund has clear objectives to focus on radical innovation and disruptive technology in the following target sectors:

  • Retail energy applications;
  • Energy generation, storage and related systems for the home and for businesses;
  • Electrical devices for monitoring, measurement, control, management and related efficiency drivers;
  • Electric vehicle technology and related infrastructure;
  • Printed energy, storage and solar photovoltaics (PV); and
  • Sustainable, intelligent renewable energy solutions.

The Fund has a strong focus on investing in Australian based companies in order to take their innovative technologies to the world. This strategy is resulting in many export success stories coming out of the portfolio.

Given the global need for innovation in the energy industry and the scalability of these businesses and technologies, many of the investee companies have globally focused sales strategies. It is for these reasons that the Fund will also consider overseas investments in compelling circumstances.

Investment style refers to the type of skills, experience and management style that the Fund uses to create value in the portfolio companies. The Fund’s style is based on hands on board support and active management if required:

  • The Fund will provide Board representation to facilitate effective financial controls and bring disciplined reporting, risk management and governance to the business; and
  • The Fund has the capability to steer companies through any challenges to progress from pre-commercialisation through the research and product development, marketing and initial manufacturing stages in order to accelerate commercialisation to reach break-even point and bolster future growth; and
  • Using its executive management experience, the Fund provides strategic management advice to ensure business models are in place, goals are met and outcomes delivered; and
  • The Fund encourages and facilitates collaboration between the portfolio companies and other companies within its network..

The Fund invests across all levels of a company’s capital structure, although ordinary equity, preference equity and convertible notes are most common.

Interested in Investing With Us?

The Fund welcomes enquiries from investors who would like to invest in our funds, or more directly as a co-investor into our portfolio companies.

For all expressions of interest, contact David Toomey, Chief Investment Officer using the form in the Contact Us section.

Blog - Portfolio News

Trevor St Baker - St Baker Energy Innovation Fund Portfolio

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St Baker invests heavily into new Australian EV fast-charging network

Evie Networks, developers of a nationwide network of ultra-fast electric vehicle chargers, has received a major funding boost with a commitment of an additional $28M by its major shareholder, St Baker Energy Innovation Fund. Evie Networks is now the most heavily funded EV charging operator in Australia. Announced shortly after Infrastructure Australia listed electric vehicle…


Power couple make $750,000 investment to fight homelessness

By Tony Moore Brisbane power couple Trevor and Judith St Baker have put their money where their mouth is to make the largest single private donation to the help the homeless in Queensland. They have on Sunday donated $750,000 to St Vincent de Paul’s campaign to help end homelessness. Trevor St Baker is the founder…


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Our Team

Trevor founded ERM Power (ASX:EPW) and remains involved as the Deputy Chairman. He has over 50 years experience in the energy industry and is the founder of this fund.

Robert is a lawyer who serves as independent Chairman of StBEIF. He is MD of Resources Law International a leading energy consultancy company.

Chief Executive Officer

Rodger is an experienced senior executive with 30 years of experience in the international energy sector with a focus on the commercial and wholesale trading.

Chief Investment Officer

David is a highly skilled investment professional with direct investment experience in the private equity, structured finance and portfolio analysis disciplines.

Chief Financial Officer

Brad is the founder and Managing Director of EWM Group, a Brisbane based multi-family office. He has been in the finance and investment industry since 1986.

Trevor St Baker

Robert Pritchard

Rodger Whitby
Chief Executive Officer

David Toomey
Chief Investment Officer

Brad Scott
Chief Financial Officer

Trevor St Baker, Founder and Deputy Chairman

Trevor has over 60 years experience in the energy industry, including 23 years in planning and leadership roles within NSW and Queensland Electricity Commissions, 12 years a Principal of ERM Consultants then founding ERM Power and ERM Business Energy.

Trevor recently retired from his position as Non-Executive Director and Deputy Chair of ERM Power to concentrate on his roles as Chairman of Sunset Power International t/a Delta Electricity and as Director of StBEIF.

Trevor plays an active role in the broader energy industry, including as Chairman of the National Generators Forum (3 years) and presently Director of Energy Policy Institute of Australia Limited as well being either Director or Chairman of all StBEIF investee companies.

Robert Pritchard, Chairman

Robert is a lawyer who serves as independent Chairman of StBEIF. He is MD of Resources Law International, a leading energy consultancy company in Sydney.

He has 40 years’ experience as an adviser to inter governmental organisations, governments and energy companies on the development and financing of energy and resources projects, low-emissions energy technologies and climate change. Robert is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Energy.

Robert serves as the Executive Director of the Energy Policy Institute of Australia, Australia’s only independent, apolitical, technology-neutral energy policy body.

Rodger Whitby, Chief Executive Officer

Rodger is an experienced senior executive with 30 years of experience in the international energy sector with a focus on the commercial and wholesale trading aspects of energy, both as a commodity and as a product to end users.

Rodger has held General Manager and Managing Director roles for several decades with companies such as BHP Billiton, Energex, Ingenero (a solar company he co-founded) and MPower.

His responsibilities have included overall business and financial performance, business development, project development, trading, risk management, and establishing new businesses and business units.

David Toomey, Chief Investment Officer

David is a highly skilled investment professional with direct investment experience in the private equity, structured finance and portfolio analysis disciplines.

David has more than 20 years of experience across the finance industry in USA, Europe and Australia. He has worked extensively in direct investment roles on both the equity and debt side of transactions.

David is a CFA Charter Holder and Chartered Accountant.

Brad Scott, Chief Financial Officer

Brad is the founder and Managing Director of EWM Group and has been in the finance and investment industry since 1986. Prior to forming EWM Group in 2005, Brad held the position of Executive Director of Goldman Sachs JBWere, where he jointly established the Private Wealth Management business and managed that division within Queensland. Previous to his years at Goldman Sachs JBWere, he spent 12 years with one of Australia’s major banks across various commercial, private banking and management roles.

Brad’s background and experience encompasses relationship and investment management, commercial, private and investment banking, Family Governance and Education and Philanthropic advice.

The large majority of his time and experience has been focused towards affluent individuals, multi generational families and the not for profit sector.

Our Investment Process

Only companies whose business opportunity aligns with the Fund’s Investment Strategy will be considered for investment. This selection criterion ensures the Fund’s skills, experience and industry network are leveraged to increase the likelihood of the portfolio achieving top quartile returns.

A comprehensive and rigorous due diligence process for screening and analysing opportunities has been developed and is utilised when selecting opportunities for investment.

Contact Us

The Fund welcomes enquiries from wholesale investors, early stage companies requiring capital or business partners seeking to work with any of the the portfolio companies.

Please contact us using the email form below.

St Baker Energy Innovation Fund
Level 11, 344 Queen St
Brisbane, Qld 4000